Clare's MoC / Eureka and Blu-Ray Collection

Along With Collecting Criterion, I Have Decided To Buy Films From Other Studios. These Will Mainly Be From Masters of Cinema And Eureka, Along With Any Release From Another Studio That I Wish To Own.

I Need A New BookCase !

The title of this post does not lie, I really do need another bookcase to hold all my new purchases.  In the past few months there have been some very good sales and I have taken full advantage, well, as much as my wallet would allow.

I shall start with the films I have purchased from Eureka.  A new website was launched (long overdue) and to celebrate they had a sale, yippee.  2 films were purchased, both Japanese and both brand new to me.

Twenty-Four Eyes – The film that beat Seven Samurai to the Blue Ribbon Award in 1955.  The life of a teacher along with her class of 12 pupils is shown through the years, starting in Post-war Japan.

24 eyes

Tokyo Sonata – A man’s pride and his shame hidden from the family.

Tokyo Sonata

My next purchase was the celebrated and long-awaited release of this  German classic.

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari – All the fun of the fair, not! Silent but deadly, not the kind Dr you ever want to meet.


Next are my purchases from Arrow.  I once again went back to my “favourite films” list and bought 3 that I have already seen.  I think these are absolute master-class and deserve a place in any film collection. They are 3 very different films but each one has stayed with me since my initial viewing.

Bicycle Thieves – Post-war Rome and the heartbreaking story of a man who loses the only means he has to work.


Rififi – A heist film that contains 28 minutes of silence but is 122 minutes of pure adrenaline.


Les Diabolques – A cruel Headmaster, his Mistress, long suffering Wife and a bathtub


I went back a few weeks later and bought another title.

Sullivan’s Travels – An early cinema classic from Preston Sturges, a roadtrip taken by a Hobo.


The next 3 films came from Moviemail, 2 of which I had intended to watch at the cinema during the last 12 months. For one reason or another I never got around to going.

In The Fog – Ever since my friend Cine_Scope wrote a review for this film I have wanted to watch.  Now I am region free I didn’t have to wait for a North America Blu.

in the fog

Michael Kohlhaas – Who can resist a little bit of Mads, especially when he is mad?

Michael Kohlhaas

Jeune & Jolie – Translated as Young & Beautiful, this film follows a young girl during her secret life.

Jeune & Jolie

We now come to and the bizarre case of the empty cardboard box and plastic bag!  I ordered 4 films from Amazon during their 2 for £10 offer.  Instead of being delivered the films I received an empty box enclosed in a Royal Mail plastic bag.  The printed writing on the bag informed me that my box was damaged (Sherlock is alive & well and working at Royal Mail) and if any contents were missing I was to inform Royal Mail.  Missing, the whole box was EMPTY.  This was one of those wraparound cardboard mailers, it was FLAT, you could open it up at the sides and see there was NOTHING in there.  Yet it was placed in the plastic bag and shipped to CANADA!!  Given that this is the level of intelligence at Royal Mail I decided to not take them up on the offer to contact them and I went direct to Amazon, who very quickly and efficiently re-ordered all my items for me.  The items were:

How The West Was Won – Never seen this, heard it is a classic.


Spartacus – “I’m Spartacus” “I’m Spartacus”  Ok, everyone stand up ! This is a film I have seen the majority of, just never in one sitting (or standing 🙂 ).  That will now change.


Scarface – Those who read my Post about going to see Al Pacino last year will remember the best scene, I sure do.  Tony and his “little friend”.


Full Metal Jacket – You have bullying, brutality, blood and ultra-killing bullets.  Added together and you are Born To Kill.


My order from went a lot more smoothly and my 2 films arrived without delay.  2 more classics from my “favourite films” list.

The King’s Speech – Fantastic film about a social stigma that can affect anyone.


The Big Lebowski – Get out your bowling ball and watch out where you pee.


And that is you up to date with all the purchases I have made that are not Criterion.  Once I get around to watching the films I will share my thoughts with you here.

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More Purchases Made!

After my first order of Dr Mabuse & The Passion of Joan of Arc, I went a little crazy 🙂

Ever since I became an avid film fan, about 4 years ago, I always had the mentality to watch a film once, regardless of how great I though it was.  Now that I feel more comfortable with understanding film and what I want to take and learn from the experience, I decided that in addition to exploring new films via Eureka, Masters of Cinema as well as Criterion, I would go through my Letterboxd and look at those films I rated as Masterpiece / Excellent.  I then went to see what was out there on Blu-ray and suffice to say, there are quite a few

All these films were bought via Amazon, either in Canada or the UK

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

The Shining

Dog Day Afternoon

My Neighbour Totoro


The Usual Suspects


One new film that I bought was this from Moviemail in the UK

Le Quai des Brumes (Restored) (Studio Canal Collection)

I have had my eye on this one for a while now but the Criterion has been Out Of Print for a while and the copies available online have always proved to be too expensive.  I found a bargain with this copy and I love the fact that it is not in a case but a book.

I am really looking forward to revisiting this films (bar Le Quai Les Brumes) and hoping to enjoy once again their greatness.  Stay tuned for my thoughts 🙂

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My First Purchases From Eureka and Masters of Cinema

I have been collecting Criterion for 12 months now.  Whilst this has no doubt vastly improved my appreciation for film it has not been easy on my credit card.  In an effort to cut the cost but not the quality I decided to have a look at other Distributors and compare all the releases of a film. I will then be able to buy whichever copy I feel offers the best value for money.  Eureka and their side series, Masters of Cinema, offer titles that Criterion either do not carry or have available on Blu-ray, so it was here that I looked first.

My first purchase is a Box-set of a series I have been looking at for a while now.  Starting all the way back in the silent era of 1922 and ending in 1960, the Dr Mabuse trilogy from Fritz Lang is a masterpiece of criminal genius.  The first 2 films in this box set are available on Blu-ray but as I am somewhat a little weird about having everything in a series in the same format, I decided to buy this set even though it is on DVD.  I can, if released in future on Blu-ray, sell this copy and upgrade.


Over the past 4 years I have watched around 700 films (list is here), either by myself or with my little online film club.  I thought now was a good time to purchase those films that I have rated as a Masterpiece, even though re-watching a film is not something I have tended to do the past.  I sometimes felt, with certain films, that my knowledge and understanding was not at a level to give me a full understanding of what the film was saying/portraying to the viewer.  Having the opportunity to own these films on Blu-ray is too good to pass up on and will enable me to once again enjoy these most wonderful films and hopefully learn more.

My second purchase came from the Masters of Cinema.  This is a true story and a film that is highly regarded as one of the greatest ever made.  The performance by the female lead, Renee Jeanne Falconetti is simply stunning.  You silently watch (optional soundtrack available) her portray Jeanne d’Arc and it is truly chilling and powerful.  This is The Passion of Joan of Arc.  The edition is Dual Format which means I have a copy of the film on both Blu-ray and DVD.


Stay tuned for more purchases and write-ups as I expand my home cinema collection.